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(#23) gaborbol


Reggel minden gondomat, teendomet feredobtam es keszitettem egy kor email csak a belso dolgozoink reszere, annyi kulonbseggel, hogy a bogrere ratettem a cegunk logojat az arckepet meg kicsereltuk a cegtulaj arcara:

Dear Team,

In these economic times, I think customer satisfaction is more important than ever. I believe simply just being “good” is not enough anymore. We should go one step further, and take our customer support on a high new level.

Because of this, I just set up a new service on our exchange server. If we receive any emails, from any customer after 11:00 pm which contains the following words, the server will send an automatic respond.
“I set up my” “now” “it does not work “ needs to fix this” “ASAP”

Here is the message:

Dear Customer,
We are very busy at the moment, probably sleeping or trying to spend some time with our family, so …

If you still need solution for your problem, like right now, please take a look of the above picture again.

Thank you for choosing cegnev!


Fórumok  »  Infotech  »  Rendszergazda topic (kiemelt téma)
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