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    válasz Giovan! #228 üzenetére

    Ez van a peranyagban:

    Epic recently reached an agreement with OnePlus, an OEM, to allowusers of OnePlus mobile devices to seamlessly installFortnite and other Epic games bytouching an Epic Games app on their devices—without encountering any obstaclesimposed by the Android OS. In conjunction with this agreement, Epic designed aversion ofFortnitefor certain OnePlus devices that delivers a state-of-the-art framerate(the frequency at which consecutive images appear on the device’s screen), providing aneven better gameplay experience forFortnite players. Although the original agreement between Epic and OnePlus contemplated making this installation method availableworldwide, Google demanded that OnePlus not implement its agreement with Epic withthe limited exception of mobile devices sold in India. OnePlus informed Epic that Google was “particularly concerned that the Epic Games app would have ability to potentially install and update multiple games with a silent install bypassing the GooglePlay Store”. Further, any waiver of Google’s restriction “would be rejected due to the Epic Games app serving as a potential portfolio of games and game updates”. As a result, OnePlus mobile device users in India can install Epic games seamlessly without using the Google Play Store, while users outside India cannot. Another OEM, LG, also told Epic that it had a contract with Google“to block side downloading off Google Play Store this year”, but that the OEM could“surely” make Epic games available to consumers if the Google Play Store were used.Google prevented LG from pre-installing the Epic Games app on LG devices.

    Szóval a Google belepofázott a Oneplussal kötött Epic dealbe (Epic app store legyen a Oneplusokon alapból), hogy az csak Indiában lehessen, máshol megtiltotta ezt.

    Ezen kívül a Google olyan szerződést írat alá az OEMekkel, hogy a Play storenak kell a home screenen lennie GMSes telefon esetében, hogy ez legyen a legláthatóbb store (ez már hasonlít az IEs történethez azért kicsit...)

    Meg van egy raklap egyéb complaintje is az Epicnek, de ezek a lényegesek az appstore szempontból.

    "Az interneten terjedő összes idézetem igaz." - Darwin

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