• F34R


    - Ultra fast access of Internet.
    - Data rates will be up to 10-11 Gbps.
    - Home automation and other related applications.
    - Smart Homes, Cities and Villages.
    - May be used in the production of Energy from galactic world.
    - Space technology, Defense applications will be modified with 6G networks.
    - Home based ATM systems.
    - Satellite to Satellite Communication for the development of mankind.
    - Natural Calamities will be controlled with 6G networks.
    - Sea to Space Communication.
    - Mind to Mind Communication may be possible
    Standards : The Global Position System(GPS) by USA, the Galileo by Europe, the COMPASS by China and the GLONASS by Russia. If 6G integrates with 5G with these satellite networks, it would have four different standards. So handoff and roaming will be can be a big issue in 6G