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    "A couple that come to mind immediately are the assumption bbers trying to get lean should not eat fruit and bbers over-reliance on supplements. The fear of fruit comes from studies suggesting 50gms or more of fructose per day can upregulate de novo lipogenesis (fat synthesis in liver), increase blood triglycerides, and induce insulin resistance. Keep in mind fruit generally contains 6-7 gms of fructose. That means it would take a bunch of fruit to get 50gms of fructose. The high consumption of fructose seen in most studies is generally due to the consumption of high levels of high fructose corn syrup (processing where varying portions of glucose are converted to fructose). Another consideration is fructose causes minimal insulin secretion. Even if fructose consumption was high enough to elevate fat synthesis lack of insulin would probably result in increased fat oxidation. Assuming calorie deficit it probably all evens itself out at the end of the day. Eat fruit it's nutritious and generally low in calories. "

    És ez csak a fruktóz, a hsz többi részével is vannak erős kétségeim, de mégsincs kedven ezen vitatkozni, nehogy egyetek egy almát. :D

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