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    válasz Mela Kehes #255 üzenetére

    Nah én is ránéztem erre a Dropquest-es okosságra, és eddig azt hittem tudok angolul, de hogy a pöcsbe kell azt értelmezni ebben a feladványban, hogy egy 5 számjegyű sor első két számjegyének összege 24?? Vagy mi az a product, szorzat?

    So first things first, we need to run some diagnostics on our onboard computer. Many of the parts are fried, but I'm pretty sure we can get her back in the sky with a little, uh, elbow grease. Plus, it's the future, right? How hard can it be to find a quantum gyrochronatron? They probably grow on trees by now!

    So all of this would be easy and simple, except I forgot my 5-digit password. Should've used 1Password or something, but maybe this hint I left for myself will help.

    The product of the first two digits is 24.
    The fourth digit is half of the second digit.
    The sum of the last two digits is the same as the sum of the first and third digits.
    The sum of all the digits is 26.
    The second and third digits add up to the last digit.

    In order to get the computer to read it, I'll need to add a file of the password's name to my Dropquest folder, then view that file from the Dropbox website. (For example, if your answer is 12345, add 12345.txt to your Dropquest folder)

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