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    Új gyári szoftver jelent meg ma

    ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version
    Network map new features :
    1.System status can now show CPU and RAM usage.
    2.Client status can show wireless clients signal strength.
    3.Client icon is changeable.
    4.Client name is changeable and parental control, QoS, manually assigned IP, static route, port forwarding client list can also refer to this name.

    Security related :
    1. Upgrade OpenSSL library from 1.0.0d to 1.0.0m

    Bug fix:
    1. Fixed IPv6 and some VDSL modem compatibility issues.
    2. Fixed 3G/ 4G dongle compatibility issues for some Huawei dongles.
    3. Fixed secondary wan setting issues in dual wan fail over mode.
    4. Fixed traffic monitor display issues.
    5. Daylight saving time can be manually adjusted.

    Download master
    1. Improved GUI response time.
    2. Improved download speed.
    3. A torrent downloading task may include multiple files and user can choose which files should be downloaded.

    1. Add Airtime fairness option in Wireless --> Professional

    ''Mind Így van ezzel aki hasonló időket megélt, de a döntés nem rajta állt neked csak arról kell döntened mihez kezdj az idővel amely megadatik.''

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